Offerings for Djehuty


    In ancient times scribes would make an offering to their patron, Djehuty, by pouring a small amount of ink onto the ground before beginning their day's work. Today ink and all writing implements can still be offered to the Lord of Writing. Also in ancient Kemet there was a festival for Djehuty where people would eat figs dipped in honey and proclaim "Sweet is the Truth", so I've found a nice modern equivelant are Fig Newtons. Other items that I, as a child of Djehuty have found can be offered are paper, books (mostly non-fiction), things you've written yourself, stamps (especially for collecting) computer discs, rulers, calenders, bookmarks, calculators, bottles of ink, moonstone, silver items, light green stones such as Peridot, moon images, Crown Royal Whiskey, (from me rarely and He's told me not to offer Him beer-- but that might be just a thing between me and Him so give it a try) strong coffees and fine teas, hot chocolate, chocolates in general, apples, oranges, tangerines, grapes (white/green) (not kiwis or bananas or plums, He's tried them and doesn't care for them overly much). The Nisut (AUS) has suggested strong clear liquors (but not from me ...) and simple but filling food, I've recently found he likes the macaroni and cheese from the supermarkets deli section. Cookies are good. I avoid anything too sticky and gooey (For some reason I just think of His beak getting stuck). Anything that seems intellect oriented to you is acceptable to Djehuty.


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