Hymns and Prayers to Djehuty


My house is delighted
since the deity entered it.
It prospers and is richly furnished
since my Lord went into it.

  -Scribe after installing image of Djehuty (Erman , Litterarure p.37)


O you Netjeru in heaven, O you netjeru on Earth!

You Southerners, Northerners, Westerners, Easterners

come and behold Djehuty, how He shines forth in His crown

which the two lords in Hermopolis have set in place for Him,

in  order that He may execute the governance of mankind.

Exalt in the Hall of Geb over what He has done! Adore Him,

extol Him, give Him praise. He is the Lord of Kindliness, the

leader of the entire multitude!

-School boys notes (BM#5656 -- 18th dynasty)                             


Come to me Djehuty, O noble Ibis

O Netjer who longs for Khmun,

O dispatch-writer of the great nine

Great one in Iunu.

Come to me that you may give advice and make me skillful in your  office.

Shai and Renutet are with you,

I am the servant of your house,

Let me relate your prowess in whatever land I am.

                              --Anastasi Papyrs (Caminos trans.)


Give praise to Djehuty,

make rejoicing to Him everyday.

He who gives breath to the  weary hearted

and vindicates Him against his enemies,

He vindicates you against your enemies.

                    --Peryt em heru (ut 18) Allen trans.


The vizier who settles cases,

who changes turmoil to peace,

the scribe of the mat who keeps the book,

who punishes crime,

who accepts the submissive,

who is sound of arm,

wise among the Ennead,

who relates what was forgotten.

      --from a statue of the Nsw Horemheb 18th D.


Hail to Thee, Moon-Djehuty, who made different

the tongue of one country from another!

                              --Ostraca; J. Cerny trans.


I, Djehuty, am the eminent writer, pure of hands ...

the writer of Ma'at  whose horror is the lie ... the Lord of laws, I am the Lord of Ma'at, I teach Ma'at to the Netjeru,

I test each word for its veracity ... I am the leader of the sky, the Earth and the Duat.

                      -Peret em heru 182


I, Djehuty, am the protector of the weak

and of him whose property is violated.

                               --Peret em heru 183


... The legislator in Heaven and on Earth;

He who sees to it that the Netjeru remain within the limits of their competency; each guild fulfills its obligations

and the countries know their frontiers and the fields their appurtenances.

                        --Hymn A fromJurajeff's "Zwei Hymnen an Thoth"


Son of Ra, Moon of  beautiful risings,

Lord of appearings, light of the Netjeru:

Hail to you, moon, Djehuty, Bull in Khmun,

dweller in Hesret, who makes way for the Netjeru!

Who knows the secrets, who records their expression,

who distinguishes one speech from another, who is judge over everyone.

Keen faced in the Boat of Millions, Courier of mankind, who knows

a man by his utterance, who makes the deed rise up against the doer,

who contents Ra, advises the sole lord, lets Him know whatever

happens, at dawn he summons in heaven, and forgets not yesterdays


                              --from a statue of Nsw Horemheb, 18th D.


Without His knowledge nothing can be done

among Netjeru and people.

                              --Roeder "Urkunden"


I am Djehuty. I have made Heru happy;

I have appeased the rivals in the hour of their troubles.

I come; I have washed away the blood stains.

I have appeased the rivals; I have put away every evil thing.

                              --Peret em heru 182


My god Djehuty is a shield round about me.

                              --Anastasi papyrus


O Djehuty, make me hale just as you made yourself hale.

Release him, loose him, put him on earth, cause him to be loved: So says the One-Faced Lord concerning me.

                              --Peret em heru 71 (Theban recencsion)


Djehuty gives words and scripts: He makes the books,

He gives success to the learned and to the physicians in his train, to diagnose.

                              --Ebers I (8-10)


Djehuty comes having rescued the Wedjat-eye from its foes;

no evil being, male or female, shall enter into this house.

                              --from the temple ritual at Abydos; to be said while removing the foot


O Djehuty, place me in Khmun, your city, where life is pleasant!

You supply me what I need in bread and beer, you keep watch

over my mouth when speaking.

Would that I had Djehuty behind me at the Judgement!

Come to me, when I enter in before the Lords of Ma'at, and so

shall I be made True of Voice.

You great palm tree, sixty cubits high, on which are fruits. Stones are in the fruits and water in the stones. You who bring water to a place far away, come, deliver me who is silent.

Djehuty you sweet well for one who thirsts in the wilderness!

It is closed to him with words to say, it is open to him who is silent. The silent one comes and finds the well.

The passionate one comes and You are hidden from him.

                              --Papyrus Salier


I have come before you, O Son of Nut, O Prince of Eternity!

I am a follower of Djehuty, rejoicing in all that he has done: he brought the sweet air for your nose,

life and vigour to gladden your face

and  the North Wind that comes from Atum for your nostrils.

O Lord of the Sacred Land!

He made the light shine on your inert body,

for you he illumined the dark ways,

for you he dispelled the weakness in your limbs through his strong heka,
for you he reconciled the Two Lands,

for you he put an end to the storm and confusion,

for you he pacified the Two Lands so that they are at peace together

                                                                    putting away the anger in their hearts so that they fraternize together.                                                                             -                                                                Pert em heru ch.183

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