Epithets of Djehuty

Most of these Epithets were taken from Boylan's book:
Thoth -- The Hermes of Egypt.

Representative of Ra
Representative of Atum
Ancient and Great one for the Ennead
Who comes to him that calls Him
The Moon Shining in the heavens
Heart of Ra
The Ipi
The Ipi-ib
Who brings the i3ht-eye to its owner
Who brings the Wedjat-eye
Who brings to Ra his eye from Knst
Who brings the eye that was far away
Who giveth life to men
According to whose word the Ennead acts
Who accomplishes truth
Who does what the goddesses love
Universal benefactor
Who does what Ra praises in his chapel
Who does good
Who makes slaughter among the foes of the Wedjat-eye
Who made eternity
He of the balance
He who protects the lunar eye
Throat of the Imn-rn.f
Splendid in speech
The silver Aten
The great one in Hermopolis
The twice great
The thrice great (i.e. Trismegistos)
Great in fear in every land
Great in strength
Great in power
Great in triumph
The ape
The great and venerable ape
Who equipped the Eye for it's owner
He that knows the two lands
The beautiful
Prudent of heart
The eagle of many colored plumage
To Whom is subject life in the Duat
Who increases his figure (crescent moon)
Who increases his form (crescent moon)
The unique one
Clean of hands
Astute in his plans
The messenger
Who distinguishes seasons, months and years
Eloquent judge
Eloquent judge pleased with Ma'at
Who distinguises bodies of different countries
Path opener of Ra
Porter of Horus
The wn-im3 presiding over the temple
The great one (wr)
Great in divine speech (mdw ntr)
The great one who came forth from the Nile
Great in Heka
Great in slaughter
Who ends the strife
Mighty in his words
Orderer of fate
Sound of heart
Sound of hand
Judge of Ma'at
Judge of Ma'at for Wesir
The unapproachable
Great god
The God for whom Hmnw longs
Venerable God in Edfu
Ra that shines in the night
Lion great in strength
Who knows reckoning
Who knows the balance
Who gives the Wedjat-eye to its owner
Who sets the Wedjat-eye in its place
Who sets the i3ht in its former place
Who gives length of life to those in his favor
Who puts things in their due place
Who gave words and writing
Who gives glory to all the Gods
The great ibis
The ibis splendid in Heka
The venerable ibis
Delighting in Ma'at
Reckoner of years
Who reckons all things
Pleased with Ma'at
Bearer of the Wedjat-eye
He that is under His tree
Khonsu-Heru, Lord of the amulet
President of the house of books
He that presides over the land of Egypt
The Scribe
Scribe strong of arm
Excellent scribe
Scribe of Ma'at
Scribe of Ma'at for the Great Ennead
Scribe of Ma'at for the Lord of Eternity
Scribe of accounts for Ra-Harakhte
Letter writer of the Ennead
Whose name is mentioned in the birth house
Who inscribes the royal-rule of the Lord of the two lands
Who records all that exists on Earth
Who overshadows His foes
Who overthrows His enemies in every land
Who reconciles the splendid one with his Sbkt-eye
Who reconciles Heru with His eye
Who appeases the Nsrt
Who appeases the Netjeru
Who reconciles the two brothers
Who appeases the Mistress of Men (Hethert) with script
Who pleases the Netjeru with their gifts
Who advances positions
Who illuminates the Duat in the necropolis
Guide of Heaven, Earth and Duat
The guide
Who determines time
The great Sd3 that came forth from the Nile
Who distinguishes the tongue of every foreign land
Who proclaims laws
Who first fashioned signs and wrote heka
The great Shu, eldest child of Ra
Who drives away the evil that is in his neighborhood
The venerable
Skilled in knowledge
The mysterious
Cool of mouth
Who fashioned all things
Who made all that exists
Who fashioned beautiful things
Moon of beautiful risings
Judge of Ma'at for the Ennead
Judge of words
Impartial judge
Judge in the temple of Sethos
Ba of Ra
Whose abomination is falsehood
The bnti ape
Sweet of tongue
The ibis
The gracious one who can avert this (evil)
The silent one
Sprung from the Wr.t
Sprung for the forehead(?)
Who has come forth from Ra
The beaked one from Hmnw (Hermopolis)
True of heart
The living lion
Lion of the South, mighty in strength
Lion with dreadful growl
Whose i3hw protect his Parent
Whose stylus protected the Lord of All
The excellent and impartial politarch
Who loves Ma'at
The filler of hearts (mh ib)
The one who fills the Wedjat-eye for its place
Who fills the Wedjat-eye with what it needs
Born of Atum
The witness
The true witness
True witness for the Names
Lord of gladness
Lord of old age
Lord of wine who drinks abundantly
Lord of life
Lord of lifespans
Lord of purification
Lord of heaven
Lord of judging
Lord of speech (both mdw and hrw)
Lord of divine speech
Lord of Ma'at
Lord of triumph
Lord of the Names
Lord of laws
Lord of the hdn broom
Lord of the Sbkt house
Lord of Eternity
Lord of Heka
Lord of foreign lands
Lord of writing
Lord of drunkeness (as the one who brought Tefnut of Nubia back)
The beautiful one of the night
The unknown
Who rescues the Wedjat-eye from Him who did evil against it
Annalist of Gods and men
Annalist of the Ennead
Determiner of length of life
Strong of arm
Strong of thigh
Strong one of the Names
Tongue of Atum
Tongue of Ra
Nisu of eternity
Nisu of the Names
The shining one
Dweller in the library (pr anh)
Dweller in the ht ibt
He that is on the balance
Great governor of Gods and men
Great governor of Gods
Governor of Ma'at
Governor of Ma'at in heaven and Earth
Governor of books
Governor of Nut
Great magician
Ruler of the Wedjat-eye
Lord of books
Lord of the Ennead
Lord of everlastingness (djt)
Praised of Ra
Fierce of face
Reckoner of time
Who protects the Two Lands
He that came into being at the beginning
Who leads the throne of the Ennead
Who protects Set
He that is on his stairs
Scribe of the divine book
The knowing one
Who makes great he that is skilled in His employment
Who glorifies Wesir with the glorifications of His formulae
Who glorifies the two eyes
Who makes great Ma'at in Egypt
Who increases time and multiplies years
Who makes Wesir triumphant against His foes
Who makes splendid His creator
Eldest child of Ra
Who establishes laws
A second Ra
Who announces the morning
Who gives peace to the two lands (i.e. Egypt)
Who soothes the heart of the Netjeru with his words
The Power (shm) of the Netjeru
The great Power
The venerable Power
Who beholds what comes afterwards
The great beholder (? my translation)
Whose words established the two lands
He of the palette
The venerable ibis
The venerable ibis that chases away the foes
The unique dhn
Minister of Heru
Who determines fate
Who gives air to Wennefer
Who gives breath to the weary of heart
Who gives breath to the nostrils of every man
Who gives laws
Who gives office to whomever He loves
Whose face is stretched
Who purifies the Ennead with His hands
Who joins the two halfs for the son of Aset
Who makes strife to cease in the Eastern sky
Who drives away evil
Who drives away the voice of anger
Who created purification
Bull among the stars


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