Hail to the Akhu, shining as gold in the vault of Nut!

Dua-Netjer enten, Akhu! May you have a thousand of beer and bread, beef and fowl, linen, alabaster, ointments and the things upon which the soul's of the justified live. May you rise with the day bark, descend with the night bark, keep your place among Ra's crew, and look kindly upon those who honor you upon earth with the breath of the mouth and the offerings of their hands. We miss having you closer to home.

The Akhu of Djehutydjesi and Abekhdjehuty

Sat Djehuty
Zephirin Gendreau
Bertha Gendreau
Baptiste Gendreau
Julie Clavette Gendreau
Claudia O'Clair
Delina Dube Gendreau

Elise Clavette Cyr
Robert Cyr
Delina Cyr
Thomas Tardy
Agnes Tardy Bourgoine
Edward Bourgoine
Vernon Gendreau
Ned Gendreau
Ernest Gendreau
Conrad Gendreau
Margorie West
Darrel Tardy
Louis Tardy
Madeline Tardy
Gene Legassy
June Legassy
Freman Legassy
Jeanette Legassy
Wayne Tardy
Terry West
Edward Tardy
Vynal West
Janet West
Jack Birt
Marion Birt
Oma Ellie
Kurt Farshmin
Pat Laitres
Tante Trudy
Myer Edelstein
Rena Gagnon
The ancestor shrine


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